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We provide voice and packet data bench-marking solutions customized as per Telecom operators, regulators, infrastructure vendors or any other agencies requiring to analyze network performance.

RF Benchmarking is a cell site’ network testing activity that gives the Mobile Operators, a comprehensive view of its Radio Network performance vis-à-vis its competitors, identification

of low coverage area, handover failure spots, call quality and data through put . By this, the Mobile Operators are able to identify network weak areas and take proactive measures such as optimization new cell planning additional sector installation for improving the network performance that effectively helps them in improving customer satisfaction retention and increased sale.

technology and activity

  • Technologies : GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE
  • Activities  : Drive test, walk test, report, analysis, network   optimization, post Drive test and final report, KPI with complete          suggestion note .
  •   Tools  : SwissQual , Nemo, Accuver.
  • Broadband measurements performed using a broadband probe, that is a device which senses any signal across a wide range of frequencies and is usually made with three independent diode detectors.
  • Frequency selective measurements in which the measurement system consists of a field antenna and a frequency selective receiver or spectrum analyzer allowing to monitor the frequency range of interest.
  • EMF Electromagnetic field radiation measurement. We had trained engineers team for conducting EMF radiation measurement with the help of automatic measurement machine. We are conducting EMF test and deliver it measurement report as per TERM cell guidelines with authentic calibration certification about our tools in use. We are conduction three type of measurement.

EMF Field survey in which field survey data is captured and EMF calculation is done as per formula prescribed by DOT for the cell site.


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